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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Green Garlic Butter

I love garlic, I love garlic butter. Currently I have 2 whole beds of little garlic shoots sprouting up and each and every one of them is probably destined to be garlic butter. My poor heart. Or is it?

Garlic has some phenomenal health benefits including cardio protective properties and butter even has some healthy components, such as medium chain fatty acids. I doubt we’ll be hailing garlic butter as the next health food but it’s still not as bad as we might thing – especially when made properly.

Here is a little recipe I concocted to harness the antiviral and cholesterol lowering goodness of garlic in a spreadable butter!

Green Garlic Butter

200 grams butter
 50 grams softened coconut oil – deodorised.
Fist full of parsley
Whole head of garlic peeled and crushed
½ cup of extra virgin olive oil

In a saucepan sizzle the garlic in a tablespoon of your butter. You can skip this step but you lose heaps on overall flavor if you do.  Crushing the garlic releases the sulphur compounds and has the biggest health benefits by activating specific compounds. When you sauté it you do not need to brown it, only the slightest sizzle is needed and this will preserve the integrity for maximum health benefits and flavor.

Technique is everything for this one, here are a few key things to get right. The coconut oil MUST be soft, not melted but soft like spreadable butter. The butter also needs to be soft, a little bit melted is fine but not liquid.  If it goes liquid then it will lose its creamy goodness and split. If it's too hard then it won't combine and you will end up with butter that has coconut lumps in it.

Once the garlic is sautéed tip it into your blender with the, parsley, softened coconut oil and butter. Add a pinch of Himalayan rock salt then blend until smooth and light green. I used my magic bullet but any blender will do. If the mixture is too thick then warm it a little and then repeat the blending. Pour into a glass jar and refrigerate.

Perfect for spreading on toast, basting roasties, a butter rub or adding to savoury dishes for flavor.

Om nom nom

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