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Sunday, March 17, 2013

20 Days of Mess

Often when I post pictures of my house people tell me how clean it is in tones of hushed awe and disbelief. No one with kids can have a clean house - surely? Surely I don't! 

Photos only ever tell half of the story, more often than not I pick a good moment or photograph with a clear background. Nothing spoils a beautiful shot more than a looming pile of laundry in the background.  The reality is my house is in a constant state of ever evolving clutter.

Housework is often the last thing on my list during a busy day of parenting, and I mildly resent housework being considered to be the role of a stay at home mum, almost more than parenting is. There are whole websites devoted to women keeping the house clean and pinterest pages extolling the virtues of decluttering and organisation. I dream of having a house that tidy, but my dream falls short of devoting every spare minute to it. My husband and I share housework and as result, during the day, our lounge often looks like a clothing bomb exploded inside. It's a rare day that the sofa isn't covered in laundry and the floor is not covered in toys. But we enjoy our days, which means more to me than a tidy floor.

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