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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cute Names for my Kids

Every blogger has them, but I am stumped. What do I call my kids to protect their relative anonymity? Until recently I had been going with wee man and baby boy both of which are not really that great, far too non descriptive and generic. I was thinking of going for first initial – that works well for my first son, I get to call him Master C, but with my second son we end up with Mister T. Which is a little corny. Plus the whole thing is a little bit 'done to death'

I live in envy of my friend and fellow blogger who writes about composing music and sustainable living. Her children are D major and D minor. Too perfect for words. I thought about copying but C major and T minor isn’t going to work no matter how cute it sounds.

Then there are the various bloggers who have cute little nicknames, which invariably have an ‘awwwwww’ response. Except my sons don’t have cute nicknames, at least not blog appropriate ones and they change every other week so it doesn’t really work for me. My husband suggested Drop-bear and marshmallow, I almost died of cute but I’m not quite sure.

I guess I could use their real names, two of my favourite bloggers do, The Feminist Breeder and Donnelle. But I don’t know if I can do that, while I realise that the world of blogging is anything but private I feel I owe my sons some modicum of their own identity. Besides which I don’t know if I am up to being criticised by random internet strangers for Ruining Their Lives Forever.

I toyed with the idea of naming them as per their favourite activity, so for my 3yr old that would be ‘dragun slayer’ and for my 5 month old that would be ‘boob eater’, though these things are bound to change and then do I update them? Could they become lego-man and bike-rider or even door-slammer and tantrum-lord.

I have been toying with Longshanks and Shortstack but worry that describing them will limit them somehow. It’s not like shortstack is going to be short for the rest of his life and it seems a bit unfair to label them with physical attributes they may outgrow.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 crossed my mind but I dismissed it almost immediately for lack of originality, Wocket and Sneetch got dismissed for almost identical reasons, though Lorax is appealing.

I asked my 3 year old what the names should be, he rattled off his full name and address and this his brothers full name with alacrity. Apparently my husband has been teaching him to do this in case he gets lost, I love my husband, especially when he thinks of things like this. Now we just have to hope our wee man doesn’t go declaring his full name and address to kiddy snatchers or burglars. At least he didn’t get the middle names quite right which would make it harder for someone to steal his identity, turns out his middle name is ‘Jacket’ and his brothers middle name is ‘Brick’ could these work? I don’t know

Maybe you could help me out?


  1. Jacket and Brick are sorta cute actually... Or what about 'gummy-bear' for one, but not sure what the other should be (I know neither is totally gummy now, but it's the love of gummy bears inspiring me here...) ummmm

  2. Augh - I never really thought about it. My kids, both having initials starting with "D", just sort of ended up being D Major and D Minor because it was kind of obvious. I never thought about it being clever. I suppose it is ;-)

    Ummm...Kaos and Spectre? Mischief and Mayhem? I wouldn't worry about it - just see what happens over time. The best names just end up evolving in the end, and they'll come to you when the time is right.

  3. It is VERY clever Leanne, I live in envy!!!

    Mischief and Mayhem I like and gummy bear is cute too but perhaps you should hog that for your little roller?

  4. nah, my lil roller is Monster through and through; not at all a gummy-bear. And besides, that'd involve having a blog to use the nickname on! I'll just use it (Monster, not gummy bear) on your blog instead. :p

  5. Jacket and Brick is fantastic! I'm new to your blog but I love it!